This property was built and recently updated to maximize the use of smart-house technology. Smart-house technology inside the house includes HEPA air purifying, heated floors, heating, surveillance both inside the house as well as outside, around the house music and radio system, and security system. Smart-house technology outside the house includes temperature control of the swimming pool and water system.

The house was also fitted with the latest solar panel technology installed under two years ago, solar power provides sufficient energy for swimming pool heating and circulation, as well as house heating.

There is potential to increase solar power output with the installation of additional solar panels. The property is equipped with high-speed internet all around the property, additional routers were installed in the garden and swimming pool area to increase speed in these areas.

The property was designed to suit owners who travel frequently, like flooding, motion sensors, and recently installed energy use monitor can make it easier to check up on the house while away. Technology that could not be turned into smart-house technology was simplified by the owner to ensure that anyone can use it with ease.

The entire length of construction was under the personal supervision of the owner, which ensured maximum quality control of the work. Only the highest quality and durable materials were used; all materials were selected specifically for Cypriot climate and geography.

The entire heating and water supply system is made of copper pipes in compliance with European Union standards.

Installed smart home system for lighting, heating, air conditioning, stereo system, video surveillance, Wi-Fi, watering, alarm. Installed solar panels for 5 kW, an additional 3 kW for circulation of the pool, water heating system for heating the house and the pool from the sun with a capacity of up to 25 kW.

Lowest operating, running costs; electricity – solar panels 5 + 3 kW, heating, pool heating – solar water panels up to 25 kW, watering – from its own well, replenishment of the pool from its own well. Lighting – energy-saving lamps.

Swimming pool covers to prevent heat loss and keep it clean. The house is additionally insulated on all main walls 100mm thick. Diesel boiler 50 kW. Hot water accumulators from solar panels for 1500 liters.

Smart villa

Copper pipes, copper electrical wiring. ABB electrical protection system. There is a tank for supplying water for household purposes in case of an accident at the central networks. Video surveillance and alarms are provided by two different providers and are independent of each other, which gives additional reliability.

Fixed landline telephone and high-speed internet. The house has a blind system that allows you to individually create lighting and temperature in each room.

The garage is equipped with a roller shutter system, which allows you to organize the space for the desired purpose. It has its own deep-water well 350 meters deep and has a debit of water of about 5m3 in the hottest season.

An exclusive BBQ with an autonomous cooker hood allows you to cook dishes of a wide variety of cuisines with high cooking comfort. The irrigation system is carried out from the well, which saves significant financial resources as well as prevents unnecessary water loss.