There is a title to the house and land. The facade of the house is made in a Mediterranean style but also with elements of Provencal and modem architectural style as well. Painting, stone, textured plaster are combined in a very original way.

Balconies, “smart roofs” and additional facade solutions are harmoniously inscribed, which makes the look original, modern and practical. The house is facing south with a view of the sea and hills, the houses in front do not abstract the view.

The house is very conveniently located on the plot, every meter of land is utilized. The layout of the property is made on one level, which is ideal for individuals who have limited accessibility; the only stairs are the ones leading to the pool.

The layout of the property was designed to allow maximum conformity, privacy, and relaxation. The original night lighting was installed on all sides of the house, which additionally emphasizes the architecture of the house in the evening and at night.

There is a garage in the backyard for 2 cars, additional parking space for visitors, as well as parking for small vehicles such as bikes, scooters, and a sports corner. There is a stainless steel BBQ equipped with a hood and rotating skewer.

The gazebo is made of fine wood and is equipped with a table for 8 people and upholstered furniture. Despite hot summer weather in Cyprus, the gazebo can still be used during the peak of heat as it features a “fog system” that provides coolness which allows maximum comfort in any weather.