The garden is created in the traditional Mediterranean style, while at the same time combining elements of Provence and new-modern elements. All the material of pathways were specifically selected to complement the color of the house.

The garden features luscious mature lemon, orange, and pomegranate trees; all of these trees thrive in the Cypriot climate and will grow abundant fruits year around. In addition to fully grown trees, the garden also features some young trees, flowers, and bushes, and all were hand-selected to thrive and benefit from the Cypriot climate. A convenient and efficient automatic watering system is installed in all corners of the garden thus preventing any trees from not getting water, while at the same time using a drop system to minimize water loss during watering.

The swimming pool with sun tanning area is isolated from the rest of the house and neighbors ideal for privacy. The large, heated, salinated pool is right next to a deck and lawn and garden, making it ideal for hosting fun outdoor pool parties. The pool comes with a smart, electric cover, for worry-free pool protection.

Sun tanning area can hold up to 4 fully reclined chez lounges. This area also features a storage area, shower, and dryer racks so you do not need to bring outside clothing, toys, or mattresses inside. The custom-made outdoor BBQ area is close to the kitchen and allows for outdoor grilling pool parties.

The outdoor kitchen has a sink, storage area, and custom task lighting. The BBQ area is equipped with a traditional (coal) grill, but also with special order American gas grill. The spacious double garage and adjacent parking area allow parking 3 cars for daily use and 5-6 cars with maximum storage use.